When there is an emergency, most people would initially panic especially when it comes to young kids. But this kid named Caitlin Burke from Tamworth did something that amazed a lot of people. 

This 11-year-old girl kept her composure and delivered her baby sister from the tummy of their mother. 

Caitlin is the eldest of the five siblings. Her mother felt contractions and so her husband Daniel sent their youngest daughter to the home of his sister. 

But 10 minutes after the husband left, her mother's water broke. Caitlin stayed beside her mother until they were able to deliver the baby. 

With the help of the medics on the phone, she had a successful delivery. Caitlin also managed to untangle the umbilical cord of the baby that was wrapped around her. 

Just like a normal day, she continued her day and went to school.

Source: WereBlog

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