Most people love to eat sweets because they claim that it refreshes their body from a very stressful day

But there are risks in consuming too much sugary foods. It makes the blood sugar of a person rise which is dangerous for the health of a human being. 

The causes of having high blood sugar includes:
-Lack of workout 
- Stress
-Use of medications
- Poor Diet 
- Other health conditions

Here are the symptoms of having high blood sugar:
This is the first symptom in having high blood sugar it means that you might have diabetes

-Always feeling hungry
-Having dry mouth
-Always urinating at night frequently
-Cannot concentrate
-Over fatigue or too tired
-Itchy and Dry skin
-Too much weight gain and abdominal fat
-Increased thirst
-Having blurry vision
-Wounds and cuts slowly heals
-Problems in the nerve
-Problems in the stomach

Always make sure that you will look at the Glycemic Index or the Numerical Index that could possibly measure the carbohydrates to see the number of glycemic. Be sure to take in the foods that has low GI.
Source: UniqueFacts

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