A photo of a man had gone viral over the social media sites. He was being tagged as a thief and a disrespectful man for doing this sin inside the church in Binondo

According to the man named LP Barts on Facebook, on Good Friday at around 5:30pm he decided to go to the church and pray as a part of the Lenten season. 

As they were kneeling down the church and praying the rosary, this man took his sling bag without even noticing him. 

The man was wearing a skinny jeans, black shirt and white shoes

He took all the important things that LP had inside the bag including the passport of his father that will be used for the death claim, his identification cards and his money. 

In the end he gave out a warning to all the people to be aware of their environment because they will never know who will be the ones doing wrong things.

Source: Facebook

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