A facebook user named Katherine shared her experience on how she got her phone back from a thief who snatched her phone which was a Samsung Galaxy J5

It was indeed a precious phone. But there is more to it than just the unit itself. Contact numbers, special text messages and photos that serve as a remembrance were saved in that phone as well. 

After the snatcher got a hold of her phone, she shouted at him saying, “Hoy! Teka! Bebenta mo yan di ba? Ako na lang bibili!”

When the snatcher heard what she said, he stopped showed interest on what she had to say. The man immediately asked how much. 

She offered 1 thousand pesos in exchange of the phone. But the man said that the price is 2 thousand pesos. 

Katherine then said that she would just buy the sim cards. But he refused and agreed to the offer of the woman for 1 thousand pesos. 

The woman even joked saying that this is the only phone that she needed to buy twice.

Source: KickerDaily

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