The relationship of Joe Oconer and Ciara Sotto ended on the first month of the year. There are allegations that there is a third party involved in their break up. 

On February 5, a reminder was posted by the star Ciara Sotto which goes: 'God is not going to bless you with someone else's husband.' Many claims that this post was for Valeen Montenegro who is said to be the mistress of her husband. 

In an interview that Valeen had with PEP.ph, she denied the accusations that she is the reason why the couple broke up. 

Then, another message was posted by Ciara which was said to be for Valeen as well. 

The post reads as follows: 

There is no confirmation that the mistress was Valeen but up until now the controversy about her involvement is still causing a stir online.
Source: ChosenTrendsPEP

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