A terrifying story has been circulating over the social media sites because of the frightening story that happened to a man named John Ray Garcia who is looking for someone who can make the evil spirit that has been following him go away. 

On his post, this man claims that he had a very bad nightmare that a man has been following him. The man does not have eyes, nose and mouth. His face was completely blank. 

This man stated how the man on his dreams has been following him around as if he was asking for help. 

The next day he decided to open his Facebook and e-mails. To his surprise, another message has been sent to him. The man was asking for help once again. It was only then that he said that the man looks exactly like the man appearing on his dream. 

On the facebook of the man named JerBen Camique Borela, this man already passed away back in 2015. The people are now wondering who is using the account of the dead man to message this guy. Was this another coincidence or did it really happen?

Source: Facebook

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