The heat on the issue of Vivian Velez and Cristine Reyes is still up. Both sides are continuously releasing statements towards the issue. 

The news spread like a wild fire after the veteran actress posted on her social media account saying that she will be resigning from the 'Tubig At Langis' show because of the attitude that Cristine Reyes showed towards her. 

Now, Cristine Reyes speaks up and defended herself from the accusations. She called the actress 'a liar' for what she said. 

Cristine denied that she threw Velez out of the room. She did not ask anyone to leave the room as they were filming the episode of the show. 

Cristine Reyes calls Vivian Velez a liar
Cristine Reyes calls Vivian Velez a liar
Posted by Trending Zone on Friday, March 11, 2016
Source: ABS-CBN

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