Most women prefer putting make-up on so that they could enhance the way they look. But there are really dangers in using too much make-up. People are aware of it but they tend to ignore it. 

Here are the following negative effects of putting make-up on the skin:

1. Bad for the face especially for the eyes

Applying foundation may enhance your face but it makes the skin crumpled and sagged. 

People who apply mascara damages their eyelashes making it fall off. 

Bacteria and unwanted organisms are often times not visible to the human eye. These could easily enter the eye which could result to itchiness, redness and cyst. 

2. Aging

The skin becomes dehydrated making it dry, dull and rough because it affects the cells on the face. 

The collagen can make a person look young but make up damages the collagen in the skin. 

The skin will become saggy. 

3. Other Negative Effects
It gives darker and dry lips because the cells are already dead. 

It could possibly end up with skin cancer because the skin becomes weak as the cells are being damaged.

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