This time we are going to give you the magical recipe on how you can lose 4kg and reduce the waist line that you have by 4 inches in just a week.

Here are the following ingredients that you will be needing:
1 cucumber

1 lemon

Fresh ginger 

8 cups of filtered water

Mint leaves

What you need to do is to cut the lemons in the middle and thinly slice the other halves. Put them inside the bowl with water and peel off the cucumber and slice it. 

While it is in the water, add some fresh mint leaves. Peel the ginger and grind it. Stir it well and put it inside the fridge overnight. 

This will replace your ordinary water. Drink it when time comes and you become thirsty. You should try this and see the difference after a week.
Source: RelDigezt

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