The Pasion de Amor star, Ellen Adarna posted a message on her Instagram account that left many people wondering if she will be joining the list of celebrities who voluntarily endorsed Mayor Duterte in the upcoming presidential elections. 

She dropped a hint on who she might be supporting in the elections. She said that she was 'entertained' by the performance of Mayor Duterte in the Pilipinas Presidential Debates 2016 that happened at the University of the Philippines - Cebu.

On the post was a photo of Mayor Duterte as he was speaking during the debate and on the caption, Ellen admitted that she was fined 10 thousand pesos for smoking in Davao City. 

Despite having no confirmation if she will be endorsing Duterte, many people are wishing that her choice would be Duterte as well.

The people also said that the law is fair for everyone and that is how a country should be.
Source: KickerDaily

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