An online campaign was started by a Facebook User to change the name of Ninoy Aquino International Airport to the old named Manila International Airport

There's no identification on who started the campaign but it is now circulating online and many people agreed. They are pursuing it to be changed back to the original name to remove all the bad happenings that are occurring there. 

The idea of the post are asking the netizens their opinion on the idea of changing this matter. 

The original name of the airport is Manila International Air Terminal which is the gateway of the country as a representation of the 1948 Philippine Independence.

It was then renamed as Ninoy Aquino International Airport on August 17, 1987 under the former President Cory Aquino by the virtue of Republic Act No. 6639. 

The airport is being dubbed as one of the worst airports in the world because of the congestion, poor service and lack of facilities.
Source: KickerDaily

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