There are numerous stories about this man who got pregnant. It may sound crazy, but this news is really true. 

There is a man named Thomas Beatie who was really born with a name of Tracy Lagondino as a woman back in 1974. 

He is now dubbed as the first ever man who was able to conceive a baby and deliver it safely. This did not only happen once or twice, but this happened 3 times already. 

Thomas made claims that he was really born as a woman but deep in his heart he wants to be a man. At the age of 20, he took several testosterone injections which made his facial hair visible and lowered down his voice thus making his sexual organ shrink as well. 

It was in 2012, when had his breasts removed and the uterus of his wife was removed as well. 

Thomas kept her female repr*ductive organ. By the help of artificial insemination, these three children were created!

Source: CrackerDaily

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