A man was still in his state of mourning as his wife died but he was terrified after his wife appeared on a television program after two years. 

Two years ago, Abragh Mohamed along with his wife met a horrifying accident which brutally injured his wife. He rushed to bring her to the nearest hospital so that her life could be saved. He decided to leave her in the hospital to grab some cash at home but when he returned, the hospital already told him that his wife didn't make it. 

They also ordered him to bury the body that was covered in shroud the same day that it was released by the hospital. 

Now, his friends told him that his wife was on the TV show asking for help to be able to get in touch with her family once again.

There were no confirmation whether the two got back together. Some claims that the woman might have lost her memory after the tragic incident or the body that was given to the husband might be a different person.
Source: KickerDaily

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