The internet sensation and the freelance model, Kim Ilagan caught the attention of the netizens once again not because of her viral videos but because of the very long message that she posted for her ex-boyfriend.

Kim narrated how her relationship with her ex-boyfriend went on for 3 years. It was 3 years of suffering for an unidentified guy who did nothing but hurt and cheat on her. He was clearly too dumb to make those mistakes on her. 

She was apologizing sarcastically on the letter. Kim showed everyone how strong she was after enduring all the pain that this man caused her. She finally realized that he was not worth it. 

Kim Ilagan became the darling of the Facebook after her videos went viral. Some of the hit videos that she uploaded was the tagalog version of 'Marvin Gaye'. She often translate english songs to tagalog with her own compositions.

Source: SocialTrendsPH

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