There has been a discrimination in the Philippines when it comes to the physical appearance of the people. Often times, the ones who has an attractive face ends up being a promo girl or a saleslady in mall. Some are even joining up beauty contests. 

But this girl got the attention of the online community. She is now being dubbed as the 'Kwek Kwek Girl'. Many people could not believe that a beautiful woman sells street foods. She is not ashamed to go out on the streets and do what she does to be able to earn a living for her family and help out her parents as well.

Most people who have seen her photos said that she is indeed gorgeous but what makes her more admirable is the fact that she is not ashamed and she works really hard to help out her family. 

She gained praises from the netizens who admire her now. This 'Kwek Kwek Girl' is selling streetfoods in Olongapo City.

Kwek kwek is one of the most popular street foods in the Philippines. It is made out of a boiled quail egg covered in orange coating.
Source: RachFeed

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