What if you are stuck with the decision of staying at home to take care of your loving paralyzed father or pursuing your dream of finishing your studies? Which one would you choose?

A student from Henan province was left with this decision after his father got ill and became paralyzed. Zhao's mother left them which means that he is the only one who could take care of his father but he also needed to go to school and finish his education. 

But the 20-year-old son was dedicated not to let any opportunity go. In the university where he was admitted, he asked the administration of the campus if he could bring his father to the school while he was taking classes

The officials did not hesitate to support his state. They even gave him a special dorm so that he could take care of his father. 

When he was young, Zhao had a polio which made him very ill. But his parents looked for money for his treatment and after his surgery, his father supported him until he could walk again. 

"My dad took care of me. Now that he's ill, I can't just leave him behind," he said.
Source: Shanghaiist

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