For the doctors and the family of Craig Lewis who is a 55-year-old man, what happened to him was a miracle. This man who came from Texas was given a day to live in the planet not unless they would be doing the last option for him. 

Based on the statement given by Linda, his wife, Craig needed to undergo a very dangerous operation since they do not have a choice. They claim that he wanted to live and that they are not prepared to lose him yet. 

The doctors needed to install a device that would replace his entire heart. It does not beat like a normal heart but it would circulate the blood to the veins so that there would be enough to maintain his blood flow. This could sound impossible but this is true. 

A miracle happened and Craig's recovery was fast. He got back on his feet working on his laptop. 

However, after 5 weeks he passed away because of liver and kidney failure. ‘You never know how much time you have but it was worth it,’ said Mrs. Lewis.

Source: TheConfidentialFiles

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