If you are a person who loves spending time outside especially in places where there is a need for fire to have warmth, source of light and even for the food, this is the trick that you should do in order to have fire in your campsites.

This is a Do-It-Yourself fire  starter. It is very easy to do and the materials that you will be needing is very portable.

Here are the things that you need:

- Six copper clips
- Six zinc nails
- Wire
- Lemon 
- Steel Wool

Here are the things that you needed to do:

1. Soften the lemon by rolling it in between your palms.
2. Stick in the copper clips in the lemon in a straight line with a distance of a centimeter apart.
3. Do it to the the zinc nails as well and make sure that they will not be touching each other.
4. Put the wire in the first copper clip then in the second zinc nail. Do it for the other copper clips and nails as well. Be sure that the wires does not touch each other.
5. Wrap a wire at the last zinc nail and the first copper clip.
6. Prepare the things that you need in order to make fire such as dry leaves and tissue paper. Let the ends of the wire touch the steel wool and it will have a short circuit and the fire will begin.
Source: Diply

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