The 'Dolce Amore' star, Matteo Guidicelli is mourning the death of his dog, Alfano which he stated was mishandled at an animal clinic in Alabang.

In an Instagram post, Matteo narrated everything that happened the day that Alfano passed away.

Matteo revealed that in the morning, Alfano's energy was great, but then he told Alfano's caretaker Timo and Amay to bring him to a vet to get a mere checkup for a puss on his elbow.

He claims that Alfano was brought to the Vets in Practice in Alabang at 11:45 and at 12:00, he got a call from the caretakers, saying that Alfano stops breathing. Matteo panicked so he rushed to the vet but it was too late because Alfano was already declared dead.

"My poor Alfano was trying to fight for his life but the four men won. He suffocated, his heart gave up and died. This all happened due to MISHANDLING a simple situation," Guidicelli said.

"Let's step back and think before we act. We don't want this happening to any other loved one. We can't have mistakes like this happen again to other pets," he added.
Source: ABS-CBN

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