An unbelievable act was done by this penguin. He swam more than 5, 000 miles after 4 years to see this man named Joao Pereira de Souza who rescued and nursed him when he was in trouble back in 2011.

When Souza saw the penguin, he was covered in thick layer of oil. He found the South Americal Magellanic Penguin just outside the Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The penguin was about to die when he saw him lying in the rocks. Though it is illegal to keep wild animals in Brazil, this man was determined to take care of the penguin.

He cleaned and took care of the penguin until it became as healthy as before. He then released the penguin back in the sea after seeing that he is a lot better.

Souza did not expect to see Dimdim again, but he feels glad that the penguin was able to recognize the hometown of the person who took care of him.
Source: inewsasia

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