The tension between Cristine Reyes and Vivian Velez started when the veteran actress announced that she will be resigning from the noontime show, Tubig At Langis because of the accusations that Cristine Reyes humiliated her. It was because of the shared room whereas Vivian claims that Cristine told her to leave the room. 

They already gave out their sides of the story but it seems that the controversy is still alive. 

The people who are working behind the show 'Tubig at Langis' finally released their statement towards the issue. 

But not many people know Miss Vivian Velez, many of the young viewers does not know her showbiz career before. 

Miss Vivian Velez is known as a bombshell actress because of the sexy films that she worked on previously. Before Marian Rivera played the role of Babaing Hinugot sa Tadyang, Velez was the original actress on it. 

She was a sexy actress that really made a mark on the Philippine Cinema and Television. 

Here are some of her remarkable works:

Source: ChosenTrends

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