Matcha tea is known as the wonder drink because of the secrets that it could do to the body.

It is an old procedure that has a strong effect in the body. People from different parts of the world has been drinking it for more than thousand years and it came from Japan. It has an amazing taste and it is indeed healthy.

Here are the benefits that Matcha tea could do to your body:
1. It could help you easily lose weight within 30 minutes and increase your metabolism. 
2. It is an antioxidant that is excellent in fighting cancer. 
3. The combination is powerful and has unique compounds that boosts naturally. 
4. It prevents aging and fights skin diseases and UV. 
5. Helps treatment of Detox

Here is how you can build matcha tea leaf powder without a whisk, and it's surprisingly easy!

1. Grab 1/2-1 teaspoon of matcha powder per cup. 
2. With 50ml of boiling water put it in the water. 
3. With the help of aerated frother whisk mix in a shape of 'W' using a fork or a kitchen whisk. 
4. Put the cup with eighty degrees of water. 
5. Use an orange juice or milk rather than water. 

Take one cup of tea every morning and evening.
Source: Trendzilla

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