The stunning women named Treechada Petcharat(Poyd) from Thailand and Piyada Inthabong from Laos are said to be the prettiest transgenders in the continent of Asia.

Treechada, 29-years-old was originally born as a male named Saknarin Marnyaporn on October 5. She is now a part of the beauty and fashion events. She also made several appearances on advertisements and TV Commercials. 

She was also the Thai Casino Boss in a Hong Kong-Chinese action comedy film called 'From Vegas to Macau II'. 

While the other one, Piyada or Lingling Inthavong, 23-years-old born in November 13, 1992. 

She is a transgender model who is a part of the Season 2, 'The Casting Project' in Thailand. 

Here are their photos:

Treechada Petcharat

Piyada Inthavong

Source: CoolBuster

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