It is the first reaction of every person to look for their belongings especially if the missing thing is the wallet or the purse. Most of the time, the wallet contains many important things such as Identification Cards, money, debit cards and credit cards.

There are some people who are honest enough to return the lost wallet or purse. But there are some who do not make an effort to return this lost things.

Just like what happened to this group of friends who have found a missing wallet. They were in a crowded section in Gil Puyat, Makati City. These students decided to use the money that they got from the purse to treat themselves.

What's even worse is that they have the guts to boast what they did on their social media accounts.

Many people claim that this is indeed a wrong move. There are several people who criticized them for what they did.
Source: SocialTrendsPH

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