Mayor Duterte has been consistent about his words that he would end the crime in the Philippines in the first six months of his term. 

However, his opponents are not convinced that he could do this. The fact that it is almost impossible to eradicate crime, the time frame is unbelievable as well. 

But now, a statement was shared by the former After Image singer Wency Cornejo. He said that the reason why Duterte strongly pushes for this plan is because he had already been doing his research on who to eliminate from the government to make it a successful one.

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Many netizens agreed to this statement saying that Duterte is indeed a genius politician that does not promise what he could not do. 

The people are also claiming that the source of Wency Cornejo could have been his mother, Mel Tiangco who is a broadcaster and a journalist.

Source: KickerDaily

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