It is undeniable that some people just can't help but to disobey the rules and laws that are being implemented in the small cities of the Philippines. One of the most common law that people disobey is the crossing of the streets in the right place. Most people tend to cross the street without looking at the street signs, pedestrian lanes, or even the traffic light for pedestrians, this maybe caused by rushing or because they're running late for an important appointment.

In this video, a man was seen lying on the floor after he was beaten up by a couple of people who were wearing the local authorities' uniforms. 

It turns out that this man who was identified as Omar Belonia accidentally disobeyed a rule in crossing the streets. But what's not right in this video is that, after knowing that the man disobeyed a rule, these MAPA from Makati quickly beat up this man. What's even worse is that they're wearing their uniforms when they're doing such thing.

A lot of people claim that this isn't right. They should've punished this man in the right way.

MAPA's of Makati humiliated and assaulted a man after a mistak...
MAPA's of Makati humiliated and assaulted a man after a mistake of crossing in the streets !
Posted by Trending Zone on Tuesday, March 8, 2016
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