We all know for a fact that women really use bras to cover up their breasts. They claim that they're not just using bras to cover up their breasts, but also to prevent it from bumping to any thing. 

Just recently, every woman on social media was left in total shock after a video that was uploaded on Facebook has gone viral online.

The said video was uploaded by a Facebook user named Bai Magarang Kadir and it already garnered more than 50k views!

The video shows how this woman cut her foamed bra using a cutter. At first, you might think that you're just wasting your time in watching this video, but after you see that a liquid suddenly leaked in her bra, you'll surely be surprised.

What's even more shocking is that the bra contains a liquid on both cup. People are still clueless whether this is a liquid gel that will help soften the bra's cup or if it's a chemical that might harm us.

Source: TodayInManila

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