After the  exciting debate between the Presidential Candidates, many people decided to give their support towards Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

One of those people is the Filipina Nurse who is currently in Canada working.

This unidentified nurse released an open letter that narrates the happenings that she have witnessed during the Yolanda Relief Operation.

That was the first time that she saw Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. She was unaware that the man that they were looking at helping other people is a politician. 

On her post she said that they were sent to Tacloban to help the affected families in that area. 

They were there to witness how the politicians and the government officials tried to sort out their relief goods. 

But as they were handing out the packed goods, a man caught their attention. He was constantly helping out the hungry and cold residents. He does not mind himself as long as he was able to attend to the needs of the people. 

It was then that they were told that he is a Mayor from another City.

Read her full post here:

Source: SocialTrendsPH

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  1. Imbento pa more, napaka-desperate niyo.

  2. Kahit anong paninira at kasinungalingang gawin niyo, Mar Roxas pa rin kami.


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