A 24-year-old pregnant woman had her heart broken after her boyfriend married another woman and left her hanging. 

Heather McGillion And Adonis Rodriquez

Heather McGillion was impregnated by her boyfriend Adonis Rodriguez. This was the result of their love story that stated when they met as entertainers for the tourists in the Dominican Republic. 

Heather McGillion

Adonis was having troubles fixing his visa so that he could get back to Heather. But little did Heather know, he already married a German tourist named Julia. 

Adonis and Julia

She was able to confirm it when she saw the wedding photos of Adonis and Julia on facebook. 

Adonis and Julia

Heather claims that these two were already seeing each other behind her back. 

Sorry is the only thing that Adonis could say to Heather and he is begging to see his child named Diego.

Heather and baby DiegoSource: Metro

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