The classic song that made a huge mark on the hearts of the Filipino people has now reached the international television. 

The song of Carol Banawa entitled, 'Bakit Di Totohanin', was used in the US series, 'Vampire Diaries'

It was used on the 716th episode of the show where Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmoore) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) were drinking and talking to each other. 

Carol immediately showed her gratitude towards the showrunners using her Instagram account. She wrote: “They have aired it already!? #thevampirediaries used my song in one of the scenes for the episode 716. It was a scene between Stefan and Valerie? They used, “BAKIT DI TOTOHANIN”? I am in disbelief right now but very grateful!

She also thanked Chris Mollere who is the music supervisor of the show, Ian Somerhalder and the entire casts of the show for featuring her song on the show.

Source: Inquirer

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