Rattlesnakes are one of the most dangerous reptiles that is existing in this planet. They are using their rattles at the end of their tail to lure away the predators around them. 

Most of the time people are amazed by this creatures because of the effortless act that they are doing to make their rattle noises.  

But have you ever wondered what is inside the rattle of the rattlesnake? 

These partners in crime surely thought of that question as well. They are wondering what makes up the tail of the rattlesnake and how it works. 

What Dan did is he bought a preserved rattlesnake tail and cut it open to see what was inside. But they were surprised when they saw that the tail of the rattlesnake is empty. It does not have tiny things inside that makes up the noise. It was just pure shell. It is really interesting!

Source: YouTube

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