The wife of Aiza Seguerra expressed her dismay towards the comic book of the presidential aspirant Mar Roxas who have been taking credit on the happenings during the typhoon Yolanda that destroyed Tacloban and Leyte

The actress Liza Dino-Seguerra said that Mar Roxas does not have the right to be proud of the things that he did for the victims of the typhoon. She said on her Facebook account that it is his duty as a public servant and that he is not entitled to boast about the things that he did.

"I believe that his arroogance and narcissism will cause him to self-destruct and karma will soon catch up with him... Pero graaaabe,,, sobra na to!!!." Liza wrote.

She then said that the people who created the comics are using it to bring information to the people who does not have access to it so that they would be easily be fooled. 

"How dare you glorify yourself at the expensed of the Yolanda victim when in fact, as a public servant, it is your job to give service to the Filipino people," she added.

Read her full letter:

Source: SocialTrendsPH

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