Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is known as the politician who is not afraid to say what he likes. He is often criticized because of the harsh words and curses that he says to other people. 

Now, the tough-talking mayor and presidential aspirant once again cursed in front of the camera. 

He directly said the statement to the Governor of Cotabato Emmylou 'Lala' Mendoza. This is because of the issue of the farmers who were asking for rice because of the drought that they are experiencing.

Duterte cursed Mendoza as he fired back to the governor who was 'offended' to the supporters of Duterte who donated rice to the farmers. But she said that it was just a form of public stunt. 

"May gusto akong sabihin kay Lala Mendoza, T****** Mo, wala akong pakialam diyan, l**** ka," Duterte said. 

Source: ABS-CBN

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