Most parents think that their children will be safer to be inside the crib whenever they are sleeping. 

In the middle of the night there are some strange humans that does unusual things. There are some who sleepwalks but there are also some who does unimaginable acts. 

Just like this child who was able to balance on the side of the crib. He was like a gymnast balancing himself on a bar. At first he was just crying out because his sleep was interrupted. 

He then decided to climb to the side of the crib where he was supposed to sleep. He was able to make it on the top of the railings of the crib. But after a few seconds, the child lost his balance falling back inside the crib. Good thing is that his head did not hit any of the other hard parts of the crib. 

This should be a warning to parents to make sure that the place where their child stays is safe.

Source: Diply

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