There are different types of bananas around the world. Some of it has stunning effects to the body but one of them stood out from the rest and that would be the Cardava Banana from the Philippines. This kind of banana is more known to the Filipinos as the 'Saging Na Saba'

According to the Doctors of Ministry in Alternative Medicines or DMAM, they have proven that the Cardava Banana has the high contents of nutrients among the other bananas. 

Here are the benefits of the bananas to the body:

1. It helps in the circulation of the blood in the body
- It is rich in potassium that is essential for the circulatory system of the body. 

2. It is a good source of Vitamins, Minerals and Natural energy
- If you are feeling drained, just take in 2 cardava bananas and the energy would be restored. 

3. Helps stop constipation
-It is rich in fiber that will remove the problems in constipation. 

4. Eliminates the hangover
- It is rich in vitamins that reduces the effect of having hangover.

5. Helps in stopping the smoking
-  It helps in reducing the effects of nicotine in physical and psychological.

6. Cures ulcer 
- This kind of banana reduces the acidity in the stomach and promotes intestinal health.
Source: CrackerDaily

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