The hashtag of #DU30 is being used by the supporters of the presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. In every post that they have to support the him, they are including these letters and numbers. 

But now, a hashtag of #DU20 along with a photo of what seems to be a younger version of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has made the rounds over the social media sites. 

Photos Of 'Younger Version' Of Duterte Called DU20 Goes Viral Online!

The similarities in the facial features of Du30 and this man who is now dubbed as Du20 can be seen. Netizens immediately shared the photos. 

This is still a part of the creative minds of the people over the social media sites. Recently, the look-alike of Binay went viral as well. Filipinos indeed has a great sense of humor.
Source: Facebook

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