The presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte received a warm letter from the Pope as a response to the apology letter that he sent to him.

The letter says, "His Holiness Pope Francis has received your letter of 21 January 2016...He appreciates the sentiments you have expressed."

This letter was dated on the 24 of February 2016 but the camp of Duterte only received it on April 3 while they are campaigning in Bohol

The Italian Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu was the one who penned the letter. He is the top official of the internal affairs of the church in Vatican

The rest of the letter reads, "The Holy Father offers the assurance of prayers for you, as he invokes upon you the divine blessings of wisdom and peace."

It was on November 30, 2015 when Duterte cursed the Pope but he claims that it was a mistake. It was supposed to be the curse for the traffic which was caused by the mismanagement of the government during the visit of the Pope.
Source: RapplerGMA

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