Kristin Russel's mother met her stepfather years back. They knew it right from the start that it was something that would entirely change their lives. 

The financial aspect of the family was difficult at that time but they had to do the finalizing of the financials for the wedding of the mother and their stepfather. 

In order to make the dream wedding happen, Dave, the stepfather gave up his most prized possession which is his 1973 Porsche 914

He broke down the car into pieces and sold them separately to be with the one whom he loves unconditionally. 

When Kristin heard this story, she was moved by the act of kindness of her stepfather. He wanted to give back to him and make it the best Father's day ever. 

She has spent the last two years looking for the similar car. This surprise really blasted and made Dave's father's day special.

Source: Shareably

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