Many relationship goals has been making the rounds online. Most of it includes spending quality time together, visiting amazing places and growing up together. 

But this couple who both has a degree in Engineering will surely blow your minds. 

Marina Luchavez topped the Mechanical Engineering board exams last March 2016. Due to that, her alma mater which is the University of Cebu in Cebu City gave her a brand new Toyota Wigo

This woman came from a family of engineers. Her elder brother got the 5th place in the 2006 ME board exams. But what is more interesting is that her boyfriend Micah ArceƱo was also the topnotcher a year before Marina's batch. 

Micah was given a Toyota Sedan before Marina received her Toyota Wigo. Micah took the board exams for mechanical engineers back in October 2015.
Source: RachFeed

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